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9.02.2017 Daily Forex technical Analysis

Feb 9, 2017

Yesterday was very calm on the market.  More changeability occurred in the evening. We learned about RBNZ decision concerning the interest rate. The Bank decided to leave the interest rate on the same level. Let us look how is the technical situation on the charts at the moment.



EUR/USD successfully stops in the area of 1,07-1,0710. It is a very important resistance level at the moment. Its breakout would mean greater increase even to 1,08. However, since we are still below this level the market is controlled by the supply. Currently the test of 1,0665 will be fundamental. Its breakout will open the way to 1,0620 and 1,06.



USD/JPY is still in consolidation. A permanent breakout of 112,55 may open the way to greater increase to 113 and 113,74. On the other hand, a breakout of 112 again and 111,63 is an open way to a very important level at 111,37 and next 111.



According to yesterday’s analysis the gold rebinds from 1231 and reaches another resistor at 1241. Currently keeping of this level may mean an adjustment again to 1231 and further even to 1223,82. On the other hand, a breakout of 1241 may mean a strong movement in the direction of another resistor  at 1250.



SP500 stays in consolidation. Currently two levels are fundamental: 2285 and 2298,91. A breakout in one of these directions may mean an important and much more dynamic movement. On the other hand, at the moment  we can adopt trade-in- consolidation strategy if the price reacts to assigned levels.

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Notícias De Mercado

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